"The life and miracles of Jesus" silk carpet

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Size: 33.8 sq.ft. / 160cm×230cm

Composition: Silk 100%

Density: 100×100 (10 000 knots per square decimeter)

This luxurious silk carpet is a stunning work of art that tells the story of the life of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. The centrepiece of the carpet features a beautiful depiction of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, based on a traditional Christian icon.

But what truly sets this carpet apart is the intricate design that surrounds the central image. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the carpet is adorned with a series of scenes that represent key events from the life of Jesus.

From his birth in Bethlehem to his baptism in the Jordan River, his miracles such healing the sick, Last Supper and his crucifixion, taking down from the cross and resurrection, the images on the carpet serve as a powerful reminder of the life and teachings of Jesus.

The Virgin Mary is also prominently featured throughout the design, with scenes such as the Annunciation, where the angel Gabriel tells her she will bear a son, or the Pieta, where she cradles her son's body after his crucifixion.

This exquisite silk carpet is sure to inspire awe and wonder in all who view it. A true masterpiece of artistic and religious tradition, it serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring power of faith and the human desire to create beauty and meaning through art.

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