Babyloni Universe

Greetings, my name is Zarema and I am delighted to share with you about Babyloni, a family-owned business that I run alongside my children. 

I am a Doctor and in addition to my professional role, I am also a mother who believes in creating a cozy and comfortable home environment for my family. With my children, I have created a platform where we can showcase the beauty of Azerbaijan silk rugs, which hold a special place in our heart as they reflect the rich culture and heritage of our homeland. My hope is that Babyloni brings comfort and joy to those who choose to make these beautiful rugs a part of their own homes.

The history of carpet weaving in Azerbaijan is long and rich. Back in those days when it was very difficult to keep houses warm in the winter, our ancestors started to insulate their houses with the help of carpets. When men were engaged in the extraction of food and security for families, women were engaged in arranging the comfort of the house, therefore it was women who wove those carpets. When silk appeared in Azerbaijan, thanks to the Silk Road coming from China and India, women tried to weave carpets using silk threads. It was silk threads that added incredible colours and overflows to carpets, making them incredibly popular. This increased demand for carpet weavers contributed to the expansion of this hobby and eventually, women began teaching it to others which contributed to its growth. Therefore, I can say that Silk is the sacred thread that has been woven into our culture

Over the centuries, the carpets of Azerbaijan have developed into a unique national art form. When this art form began to emerge Azerbaijan wasn’t a united country; it consisted of Khanates: Baku, Guba, Ganja, Garabakh, Gazakh and Shirvan. Today there are six main schools of weaving in Azerbaijan, which were formed from a combination of factors. The first is people and their crafts: hunting, animal husbandry, trade among and others. The second is the nine climatic zones that we have in Azerbaijan out of the eleven existing on our planet. Nature had a huge influence on people in those days, they tried to portray everything they had seen. Beautiful designs was created and have been passed down from generation to generation and these patterns can be seen on every part of an Azerbaijani carpet from different regions.

These days silk carpets contribute to the warm atmosphere in our homes, which is often missing in modern living and have just the right amount of elegance combined with comfort! In addition to all of the above, these carpets, combined with fireplaces, which are so common in Britain, create a cosy warmth and a special atmosphere in the house. 

Our handmade silk carpets are made from 100% high quality silk, which is sourced from environmentally-friendly farms. Our carpets are handwoven by artisans in Azerbaijan who have been weaving the same type of carpet for over a hundred years. Each yard of silk thread is dyed using natural dyes and washed in an ancient method that preserves the eco-friendly nature of our product. As you would expect, our handmade carpets offer a luxurious feel at a reasonable price point so you can be sure you're getting brilliant value for money.